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Meet orora skin science

Powered by the world's first vegan, bio-identical human collagen peptide that signals our skin cells to produce new collagen

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There are 28 types of collagen in our body

When most people talk about collagen, they generally mean Type 1 collagen.  As we age, our bodies progressively produce less Type 1 collagen and thus our skin weakens and becomes less supple.  We describe this weakening process as fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin.

From the moment we are born, we lose collagen every day due to free radicals caused by a combination of environmental stressors.  Our bodies replace that lost collagen by continuously making new collagen, but we stop producing new collagen at around 20 years of age. You probably noticed that it happens right around the time our bodies stop growing.  That is not a coincidence.  Our cells stop producing things that make us grow because we have reached physical maturity.

Once our bodies stop producing new collagen, the net collagen concentration in our skin starts to decline by about 1% every year.  By age 45, we have lost about 25% to 30% of our collagen resulting in visible firmness and elasticity.  By age 60 we're losing up to 2% of our collagen per year.

This is the question we asked ourselves.  Is it possible to reverse this progressive collagen loss?  The answer is yes!

Type 21 collagen signals our cells to produce more Type 1 collagen

We noticed a very interesting and direct correlation between Type 1 and Type 21 Collagen. The greater the concentration of Type 21 collagen, the greater the production of Type 1 collagen.

Studies show that when we introduce Type 21 collagen peptides to our bodies, our skin cells produce new Type 1 collagen regardless of age. 

Therefore, Type 21 collagen is the driver and the key to REVERSING collagen loss in our skin as we age.

This groundbreaking discovery is what led to the creation of orora skin science powered by collagen polypeptide, HumaColl21

What exactly is HumaColl21?

The key ingredient that powers the orora skin science bioactive collagen system is sH-polypeptide-121, better known as HumaColl21, the world’s first 100% vegan, bio-identical human collagen type 21.  HumaColl21 was developed and produced by the world-renowned biotech firm Geltor, located in San Leandro, California.

Unlike current forms of collagen that come from ground-up body parts of pigs, cows, chickens, or fish, HumaColl21 is grown through a fermentation process using solely plant materials to match the exact structure and function of our own collagen type 21.

When we say 100% bio-identical, we mean that the human body recognizes HumaColl21 as a peptide native to our own bodies and thus 100% bio-compatible.

In short, our skin cells absorb HumaColl21, recognizes it as native type 21 collagen, and start producing new structural collagen leading to firm, supple and ultra-hydrated skin at any age. 

But...I've heard that collagen doesn't work in topical form!

Yes, that is correct.

Traditional collagen in topical form has been around for over 40 years.  They don’t work because the protein molecules are too large to penetrate the epidermis and thus cannot be absorbed by skin cells.

But HumaColl21 or sH-polypeptide-121 DOES get absorbed by the skin because it is NOT traditional collagen.  It is a collagen peptide with high concentrations of glycine and proline, two amino acids responsible for signaling our cells to produce more collagen.

Peptides are short-chain amino acids designed to penetrate the epidermis for direct absorption by our skin cells.  Peptides in skincare are fairly common, but only orora skin science powered by HumaColl21 mimics the structure and function of human collagen type 21.

HumaColl21 performs better than retinol

In select IN VITRO tests, Geltor’s clinical trials measured the efficacy of HumaColl21 in three categories.  Fibronectin stimulation, collagen production and elastin production. 

HumaColl21 outperforms both retinol and vitamin C in Fribronectin production by significant margins.  HumaColl21 stimulates more collagen production than retinol by 80% and stimulates elastin production by 33%.

Vitamin C was not included in collagen production study nor retinol and vitamin C for elastin study because they have no affect in these categories.

Results are shown below

We commit to sustainability

We recognize and honor our responsibility to be good stewards of the environment and are deeply committed to prioritizing sustainability in all aspects of our business, beginning with the ingredients we hand select to use in our products.  Sourcing and using sustainable ingredients will enable orora to create safer products for our customers without compromising our commitment to our future generations and our planet. 

At orora, our guiding mission is to procure new and innovative ingredients which are ethically made and sustainably sourced. One of the most compelling features of our hero ingredient (HumaColl21®) is that it is created through a completely sustainable fermentation process.  Because of this, global production is possible while using less environmental resources than traditionally required in processing collagen (which originates from animals). We believe in the future and potential of bio-designed cosmetic ingredients to bridge the gap between efficiency and sustainability.

Everyone deserves a beautiful future

Blessed with the freedom to seek innovations through science, we aim to empower others with the opportunity to seek their passion and discover their true potential. Through community partnerships and responsible donations, our greatest mission is to leave the world brighter than how we found it. 

Girlstart.org is a non-profit initiative that inspires girls, especially those in marginalized communities to discover their potential in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).   Through year-long studies for girls in grade 5 to grade 8, Girlstart aims to build skill sets and interests in these underrepresented areas of study.

 We believe that greater diversity and inclusion in STEM will benefit all of humanity and proudly support Girlstart by amongst other things, donating $1 of every sale.

We are very excited and proud to support Girlstart.org


Justine M.

Verified Customer

I give it 10 STARS!  You need orora now!

I have been using this system for 6 months and I will never go back to anything else. Before I had chronically dry skin and Orora has completely fixed it. Hydrates in a non-greasy way so it feels like nothing is on my skin (I HATE that residue feeling from most hydrating moisturizers). I haven’t struggled with fine lines or wrinkles yet, I just turned 27, but I have been told since using this product that I look 20 years old! Definitely brings back a glow to my skin that I didn’t have for the past 5ish years. When my boyfriend uses these products I always can tell because his skin looks flawless. This stuff makes you glow! My complexion has never looked so great. These are my favorite products ever!!  Mini update: I’m running low so haven’t used the serum as consistently, but did last night for the first time in a few weeks and LITERALLY felt my skin tighten!

skin type: dry
skin concern: skin tone/texture, dryness, aging
age range: 26 to 34
Yes, I would recommend

Laura S.

Verified Customer


Has changed the texture and glow of my skin without question. It's not greasy, doesn't lay heavy on the skin, and I have noticed a difference in the overall feel of my skin. I've never followed a skincare routine and enjoy the simple two-step process.

skin type: combination
skin concern: skin tone/texture
age range: 35 to 44
Yes, I would recommend

Angie V.

Verified Customer


I have never felt my skin so hydrated as when I started using orora cream.  In my second week of use I noticed that my skin had more elasticity and above all hydrated. I didn’t use anything on my face because it was very difficult to find something that would really work for me and with orora, I feel that I have everything and I don’t need anything else.

skin type: combination
skin concern: dryness, aging, acne, skin tone/texture
age range: 35 to 44
Yes, I would recommend

Taylor M.

Verified Customer


I’m a skincare nut so I do my research. I had a product I already loved and used religiously, but as soon as I started using the orora collagen system I will never go back. It’s got this super light, airy feel but still has the ability to work magic like those other rich in texture products. Bottles are adorable too. I’m in love!

skin type: normal
skin concern: aging, dryness, acne
age range: 26 to 34
Yes, I would recommend

Thoughtful & Clinically Proven Formulation

With our belief in HumaColl21’s proven ability to stimulate collagen production, we set to work to create two formulations that would showcase this hero ingredient and support its functions.

Blended with other powerhouse active ingredients, including niacinamide, bifida ferment filtrate probiotic, and hyaluronic acid, both bioactive collagen serum and bioactive collagen cream provide twenty-four-hour hydration and help to maintain smoother, plumper skin that glows with health and vitality.

User Trials: 4 Week Anti-Aging Study

97% agree that after the first application, the skin feels moisturized and hydrated

81% agree that the bioactive collagen serum increases skin elasticity

75% agree that the bioactive collagen serum increases skin's firmness

75% agree that the skin tone appears more luminous and radiant

Based on a 29-day clinical study of 32 women aged 26-65.  Volunteers(30) tested the product for 29 days, and reduction in fine lines and wrinkles(μM)

Frequently Asked Question

We invite you to discover the next generation of beauty

bioactive collagen serum

A breakthrough formulation that enhances skin’s natural collagen production, for a youthful and vital appearance

Vegan | Cruelty Free | Completely Unscented

Size: 30 ml /  1 fl.oz


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bioactive collagen cream

Hydrates and encourages moisture retention in every cell for nourished, supple skin

Vegan | Cruelty Free | Completely Unscented

Size: 50 ml / 1.7 fl. oz


For 10% off on your first order, use code: WELCOME10

60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied at all with your orora products we will fully refund your purchase.  Please contact customercare@ororaskin.com for further details.

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