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At orora, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful future.

Blessed with the freedom to seek innovations through science, we aim to empower others with the opportunity to seek their own passion and discover their true potential. Through community partnerships and responsive donations, our greatest mission is to leave the world brighter than how we found it.

Girlstart is a not-for-profit initiative that inspires girls, specifically those in marginalized communities, to discover their potential in science, technology, engineering, and math through modern, innovative educational programs.

Though women make up 50% of our workforce, only 27% are represented in these fields. And for girls in lower socioeconomic status, the numbers become even more grim. This makes the path for those interested in STE(A)M an uphill and lonely battle, one of the key reasons orora is passionately involved in the initiative.

Peter Lee, Co-Founder & CEO of Orora Skin Science, was drawn to the organization as they work specifically with young girls in underserved neighborhoods who would not have the opportunity to participate in these types of extracurricular activities. He believes that creating a culture that celebrates STEM as an exciting and natural career path for young girls will create a future that is more progressive, innovative, and balanced.

Through well-rounded, year-long studies for girls in grade 4 to grade 8, Girlstart aims to build skills and interests in these underrepresented areas of study, and provides an understanding of the importance of these fields for the betterment of the world. Through building confidence, imagination, and excitement in what they can learn and achieve, students of Girlstart will grow into women who will help shape a better future for all.

Orora believes greater diversity and inclusion in STEM will benefit all of humanity and proudly supports Girlstart by donating $1 from every sale of orora products.

Visit Girlstart.org to learn more.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We recognize and honor our responsibility to be good stewards of the environment and are deeply committed to prioritizing sustainability in all aspects of our business, beginning with the ingredients we hand select to use in our products. Sourcing and using sustainable ingredients will enable orora to create safer products for our customers without compromising our commitment to our future generations and our planet. Please see below a list of our current sustainability initiatives and also our goals for a brighter future.



At orora, our guiding mission is to procure new and innovative ingredients which are ethically made and sustainably sourced. One of the most compelling features of our hero ingredient (HumaColl21®) is that it is created through a completely sustainable fermentation process. Because of this, global production is possible while using less environmental resources than traditionally required in processing collagen (which originates from animals). We believe in the future and potential of biodesigned cosmetic ingredients to bridge the gap between efficiency and sustainability.

  • Shipping Boxes

    Our current shipping boxes are manufactured using post-consumer recycled materials and are fully recyclable. They have been designed to maximize their interior capacity while using as little material possible

  • Packing Materials

    The safety and quality of your packed order are our top priority. Our shipping team will carefully pack your order with simple brown mesh craft paper; made from post-consumer recycled materials. It is fully recyclable(or reusable!)

  • Carbon Offsets for Freight

    When it comes to our carbon footprint we believe in reducing as much as we can and offsetting what we cannot. We are proud to partner with Flexport Inc. and CarbonFund.org to neutralize our carbon emissions from shipping.

Full Sized Products Only

As beauty lovers, we certainly appreciate the appeal of receiving a sample of a new product or miniature sized product to pack in a carry on bag. The reality however, is that sample sized or travel sized products are not a good choice for environmental friendliness; nearly all sample size or miniature sized packaging ends up in a landfill site. Therefore we have made the decision as a brand that we will not manufacture product samples or travel sizes, but will focus our efforts on developing value sized products in the near future. If you feel unsure about purchasing a product before trying a sample, we encourage you to reach out to our customer care team to ask any questions you may have about our formulations. You may also feel reassured by the fact that we offer a full refund on products that do not meet your needs or expectations.


When is comes to sustainability, achieving success will always be a moving target.

We are dedicated to slowly and continually making small changes and adjustments to our internal and external operations to bring us closer to our goals. Our future sustainability goals include offering tools to offset the carbon footprint of every outgoing order, conducting company-wide audits to analyze our total carbon footprint, and also improving product packaging solutions. Watch this space to follow our sustainability journey!


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10% Discount For First-Time Customers. Use Code: WELCOME10