Our Story

At orora, we believe it's a new day in skincare. We are science-lovers on a mission to discover the clean, ethical innovations that take radiance to the next level and make breakthrough beauty available to all.

Driven by a spirit of wanderlust, we set out on a journey to discover the future of beauty. And on our quest, we came across one of the most exciting discoveries in dermalogica since the dawn of skincare.

When we first encountered HumaColl21®, we knew we had found something extraordinary. A bioidentical human collagen ingredient unlike any other. Our two-step system is the first in North America to optimize its transformative powers as part of a daily regimen to visibly transform skin and unlock new realms of radiance.

As a company dedicated to progress, we celebrate curiosity and advance knowledge through education initiatives and research. With social responsibility and sustainability at our core, everything we do is with transparency. As curators of science-based skin solutions, we only deliver products we, ourselves, believe in and use.

We honor the skin through our constant pursuit of innovative ingredients and formulas that celebrate all skin types. We exist for the like-minded spirits; the curious, imaginative, passionate seekers who are always looking towards the horizon and wondering, what if?


bioactive collagen serum

A breakthrough formulation that enhances skin’s natural collagen production, for a youthful and vital appearance.

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bioactive collagen cream

Hydrates and encourages moisture retention in every cell for nourished, supple skin.

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