The world's first vegan bioidentical human collagen for beauty that defies time.
Skin Aging and Collagen

Collagen is the main structural protein in the extracellular matrix found in our body’s connective tissues. As we age, our bodies progressively produce less collagen and thus our skin weakens and becomes less supple. Starting from approximately the age of 25, we lose approximately 1% of the collagen in our skin every year. By age 45, we will have lost approximately 30% of the collagen in our skin, resulting in a loss of firmness and elasticity.

So orora embarked on a journey to discover an ingredient that would not only temporarily strengthen our skin but stimulate the body’s own collagen production for results that last.

So orora embarked on a journey to discover an ingredient that would not only temporarily strengthen our skin but stimulate the body’s own collagen production for results that last.


The hero ingredient that fuels both orora bioactive collagen serum and bioactive collagen cream, HumaColl21® is the world's first 100% vegan, bioidentical human collagen. The ingredient itself is actually a polypeptide which has a biochemical structure that is identical to that of human collagen, type 21.

You may have by now guessed that the name HumaColl21® stands for collagen “Human Collagen (type) 21. On an ingredient list, you will find it listed as its INCI name, sh-polypeptide-121.

HumaColl21® is made through a completely sustainable fermentation process that uses far fewer resources than traditional animal-sourced collagen. It is made from 100% plant sources and contains zero animal inputs.

How Does HumaColl21® Work?
How Does HumaColl21® Work?

Being the most abundant protein in the human body, there are at least 28 distinct types found in our skin and other tissues. Out of this diversity of collagens, type 21 collagen has been identified as the most bioactive, meaning that the highly functional core region of type 21 collagen was selected for its important role in interacting with other collagen types and signaling for additional collagen production. Type 21 collagen is believed to have a multiplier effect, signaling our cells to produce more collagen in the skin.

Unlike any other form of collagen that exists as an ingredient in the health and beauty industry, HumaColl21® is an exact match to the core region of a human, type 21, collagen protein fiber. HumaColl21® contains high concentrations of the amino acids Glycine and Proline. These amino acids are responsible for the essential cell-signaling functions for the production of collagen in the body.

Simply put, this powerful protein works by signaling to your cells to produce more of your own collagen and it does so with proven performance:

Thoughtful & Clinically Proven Formulation
Thoughtful & Clinically Proven Formulation

With our belief in HumaColl21’s proven ability to stimulate collagen production, we set to work to create two formulations that would showcase this hero ingredient and support its functions.

Blended with other powerhouse active ingredients, including niacinamide, bifida ferment filtrate probiotic, and hyaluronic acid, both bioactive collagen serum and bioactive collagen cream provide twenty-four-hour hydration and help to maintain smoother, plumper skin that glows with health and vitality.

User Trials
agree that after the first application, the skin feels moisturized and hydrated
agree that the bioactive collagen serum increases skin elasticity
agree that the bioactive collagen serum increases skin's firmness
agree that the skin tone appears more luminous and radiant

Based on a 29-day clinical study of 32 women aged 26-65.

Volunteers (30) tested the product for 29 days, and reduction in fine lines and wrinkles (μM) was measured using DermaTOP profilometry, and the graph represents differences to Day 0.



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